Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Incubator Arrived!

After weeks of praying for direction and wisdom concerning "Quail", we finally made our first step in this new adventure - the incubator. Our friends (and fellow adventurers), Ronnie and Margaret, dropped it off on Friday, September 14.

It wasn't just an incubator, it was also a digital temperature and humidity reader, 2 thermometers, egg trays, Tek-Trol (our new, favorite disinfectant) and plenty of instructions on how to clean it and set it up. We got everything inside and thanked our friends for the drop-off.

Thirty minutes later Ronnie called and told us to get it cleaned up and ready for 300 eggs the next morning! Yikes...we got to work! We vacuumed it out, wiped down the outside with a Clorox solution, used Tek-Trol from top to bottom and all over anything that would even be close to the eggs.

In this picture, Jonathan is using alcohol to clean the glass.
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