Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chicken Houses

We have some friends who are building chicken houses. We went out today to take a look at how the construction is going and WOW! These things are huge! They are 400 feet long (this gave the boys a good idea of how big Noah's Ark was, since it is believed to have been around 450 feet long) and our friends are building four of them!

Take a look:

You can see three in the next photo - the fourth is on
the other end and doesn't have all the framing up yet.

Here's a shot from the front looking toward
the other end. The boys are in this photo,
but they so far back that they look like ants.

This next shot is down the hill (from the chicken houses)
toward the spot where Ronnie and Margaret will be living.

This one was taken from the pasture
looking back towards the houses.

The boys enjoyed romping through the fields so much that I think
we might move our camper out there and live under a big oak tree.

The boys played, Margaret and I talked and walked,
and Ronnie worked....

Just a note, beyond the above field is where Stephen
shot his trophy buck - that is why he is not allowed
to go hunting at Ronnie's farm anymore!

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