Monday, October 8, 2007

The "Move"

Well, I have to tell you...I was extremely nervous about moving the chicks to the brooder. First, Stephen wasn't here to help and second, the heater hasn't been real consistent with the temperature. But after putting it off long enough I finally said a prayer, gathered the boys, got a box and began the move.

First, we put the water (with added vitamins and electrolytes) and the feed (Startena) into the brooder so that it would be ready for the chicks. The feed goes on the ground to begin with because it has to be "everywhere". We have paper towels on the bottom of the brooder until the chicks are a week old so that their feet won't slip through the wire.

Each of the boys took turns catching about 20 chicks and putting them into the transfer box. Then we took them out to the brooder where I took each chick and dipped its beak in the water (to teach them where it is). We counted as they were caught and as we dipped them in water to make sure we had an accurate count. We put 96 in the brooder box today and should have a final count by Wednesday (there will be a few more to hatch out).

Most of the chicks look pretty much the same, but we have some that are a "chocolate" color with dark feet. We are trying to find out from the "egg man" if these darker chicks are a different breed.

The following video is of the chicks in the brooder box. If you turn your volume up, you will be able to hear them.

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