Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just "cull" it!

Culling is the 'selection' of surplus animals from an animal population. In a wild population the selection is often done by killing the animal immediately.

That is exactly what the "pro" quail breeders would tell us to do - and we know that we should, but we just couldn't kill this little guy. He is very healthy other than the fact that some of the other birds have just about pecked his foot off!

Right now he is in the "hospital" - which is a renovated fish aquarium. He didn't do anything but act like he was dying until just a few minutes ago, and now I hear his sweet little "peeps".

Will he die? Probably. Will we be able to nurse him back to health and put him back with the group? Hopefully.

Here's a photo of "Red Foot" and his red foot

Here's a photo of his purple foot after I sprayed on some medicine

We will let you know how it turns out....

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hannah's mommy said...

I hope he gets better soon!