Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The backsides of our Bobwhites

My goodness! We took a close look at the covey the other night and half of them (maybe more) had bald backsides! With a little observation it wasn't hard to see that they were plucking away at the tempting little feathers that were growing into their fellow birds backs. We shook our heads, threw in some pine cones for them to peck at and hoped they would stop trying to eat each other. The last thing we want to do is de-beak these birds.

Here's a photo of a little one that escaped tonight when we were changing the light out. We recently had to go with a warmer bulb (since the weather dropped down to about 25) and couldn't find a red one. Maybe, just maybe, a switch back to a red light will get them to stop pecking each other - the change in lighting could have been just enough to turn them into cannibals!

9 1/2 weeks old

The bald backside!

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