Monday, April 7, 2008

Chicken Houses...revisited!

I haven't had a chance to post the chicken house photos so I'm going to try to do a complete update in this post...

I made a visit to the houses in January when they were all set up and ready for the chicks to arrive (44,000 x 4 houses!). This is a photo of house #2 - empty.

The chicks arrived the next day. Ronnie and his son , Ron are "helping" them become acquainted with their new home.

So cute!

They are a mixture of the Cobb and Ross breeds.

I didn't get a chance to visit until about 4 weeks later. Notice the "bio-security" - I have on my plastic disposable boots and yes, I stepped into the pool of sanitizing chemicals! Those chickens weren't going to catch any diseases from me (can you imagine my guilt if I stepped into a chicken house and caused 40,000+ chickens to die?)!

They were about half grown when I visited. It was something to behold-all those chickens in one place! Pretty incredible!

At about 9 weeks the guys corralled them and loaded them on the trucks.

...and off they go! If I remember right, it took around 6 trucks per house to send the chickens on their way.

After the chickens leave the houses, clean-up and preparation begins for the next batch of chicks. The following photo is of a huge pile of pine shavings that will be placed on the floor of the houses. You will also see the incinerators next to the pile of shavings - I'll let you figure out why they are there....

This next photo is of the stack shed. Can you guess what the pile behind Joseph is? Yep, chicken poop - except when you are in the poultry industry it is called "litter". So, Joseph is standing in front of a large pile of chicken litter (and yes, he is barefoot - sigh). With each clean up, there will be enough litter gathered, from the four houses, to fertilize approximately 100 acres of pasture.

Ronnnie and Margaret are currently taking care of their second batch of 44,000 x 4 houses. Now, the next photo is not for those who are "faint of heart". It is "my" favorite chicken from the first batch...


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