Monday, May 19, 2008


"The quail are all whooshing out and they are in the yard!!" Joseph didn't take us long to get out there (of course, I made a detour to grab the camera).

I laughed while everyone else started catching quail! They really were every where!

Joshua was pretty excited (can you tell) when he caught two.

We were extra proud of Honey (she's the little dark thing that Jonathan is holding) for helping sniff out some of the ones that flew out into the neighborhood.

We have a guest with us this week and she enjoyed catching the quail too - the proof is in the feather on her nose - way to go Chloe!

This is Cissy Anna - she is a terrific quail catcher!

Bud, was probably the best "quail finder" of the bunch. We were able to dress out several quail thanks to his expert catching abilities!

A casualty...

and a survivor!

What we learned: If quail can get out...they will (and it is quite the adventure to catch them).

Unless the cats and coons catch them, I think there are still enough escapees to form a neighborhood covey. The neat thing about quail is that they will usually return to their covey when they hear the Bobwhite call. We'll see how many are waiting under the pens in the morning!

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