Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our First Quail Meal

Yes, I did taste the breasts but just couldn't even think about biting into those tiny little legs and thighs.

Take a look:

The plate is one of those small salad plates - the leg/thigh combo was only about 4 inches long.

After deboning the breasts, I seasoned them with garlic salt and a bit of soy sauce and then wrapped them around a fresh slice of jalapeƱo (seeds removed). The bacon that was wrapped around each breast really added a great flavor and kept them moist - they were really good. This recipe was actually for an appetizer but we managed to make a meal of them!

I didn't want to waste the legs so I breaded and fried those - the boys loved them!

The following photo is of the breast slices...Joseph decided they looked like "quail sushi".

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