Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camping Trip!

The guys gave me a "Mom's Weekend Off" this past weekend - the kind where they leave and I stay home alone. I told them that they would get rewards for the best photo, best critter and a grand prize if they could find some deer sheds. Jonathan won the photo contest for his photos of the pitcher plant and the tree with a donkey head; and Joseph won the best critter prize for his orange spider - which unfortunately turned black when it died. They all got a prize for deer sheds because they talked my mom's cousin out of some when they went to her backyard deer farm.

First things first...let's go swimming!

Then fishing!

I don't think they took a bath all weekend -
except for maybe a dirt bath!

The tree with a donkey head...amazing!

The carnivorous Pitcher Plant.

The bug that it was digesting.

The Pitcher Plant Bog.

Now isn't this one interesting. At this point we do not know
what it is called, so feel free to educate us on this gorgeous plant.
If you look very closely through the haze you can see
the deer that showed up at the campsite.

Can you see the deer track?

A trail walk.

Eastern Fence Lizard.
The backyard deer farm.


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