Saturday, May 23, 2009


Paludarium: An aquarium that is set up with water and dry land. Ideally there will be a variety of critters - not just fish.

I'm not sure how this summer project will unfold, but the 45 gallon tank that we bought a few years ago for $20 is just begging for a little creativity. And, after getting rid of all the critters except the dog - we are all ready for some new adventures.

We checked the tank for leaks and found 2. So, I've patched the leaks and am waiting for the aquarium safe sealant to cure so we can check it again.

We are brainstorming ways to get the tank up on a stand and I'm trying to decide what type of pump and filtration I want to use. The main decision is where to put it - once set up it will not be moved! The goal is to spend as little cash as possible and to get it completed by the time our summer break is over.

Stay tuned for more Paludarium posts!

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