Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Progress on the Paludarium

Well, I decided to stop while I was ahead on the background and not put any more of the resin on it. I repaired some areas and patched some of the "rocky" places with silicone. I decided to put some natural bark on the back of the land area - hoping to get some vines to crawl along the bark. I have the background in the tank and am anxious to move to the next stage, however, there is a problem with the filter box that I built...

It is really a terrific box and would work perfectly except (now remember that I am NOT an engineer) when I changed the dimensions of the background - I didn't change the dimensions of the filter box. I'm going to try to do some creative engineering and build a new filter out of some different materials before I decide to get some more plexiglas cut, borrow some more solvent and rebuild another filter box. There may be a little hurt pride in the mix too.

To help my feelings a bit, I decided to go ahead and put some plants in this hollowed out piece of driftwood. They are currently growing under my kitchen light until we can build the lighted hood for the aquarium. (Yes, I did - I'll try to get the dimensions right on this one!

We've got to make a lot of progress before Thursday of this week - that is when the aquatic plants will arrive and they will need a tank with some filtered water (they will also need light)!

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