Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paludarium Filter, Substrate, Water and Plants!

Yes! I did get a filter built out of some small plastic containers (no, I'm not going to let you see it - it is pretty ugly). The filter has three sections - sponge filter media, bio balls and I added some carbon to filter out any chemical residue left over from building the background. I am planning to build another plexiglas filter box as soon as I can get to it.

We added flourite as the bottom layer of the substrate and then put some additional creek rocks over that. Once the water was added we started the pump - the waterfall is working! The filter has a few leaks but it is okay since it just leaks back into the aquarium.

The aquatic plants arrived early this morning so I had to hustle to get them in the tank. When I stirred up the flourite to get the roots down, the water got very cloudy!

As you can see I have also added some of the driftwood. We have got to get a hood built. Right now I just have the lights laying across the top of the tank. I'm not sure what kind of plants I got since I ordered a variety pack to get a better deal, and the company did not send me a list. Now for the hard part - figuring out what kind of plants I have and keeping them alive!

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