Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paludarium Panic!

Some of my plants are dying!! So, I threw together a solution of sugar, baking soda, and yeast in a coke bottle, made it airtight and have the CO2 gas going into the pump to hopefully add some to the water - maybe the extra boost will help these poor, pitiful plants. There are some that are doing pretty good though. Here's the CO2 bottle...

I have two plants in this shot that are actually growing and seem to be healthy!

The one in the corner is doing really well.

The water is still a bit cloudy so I am doing daily water changes right now and waiting for the dying plants to decide to live! If they aren't better in a couple of days I might have to consider adding some extra nutrients to the water.

Here's the new filter box. You can see sponge in the first section, then bio balls and I've just taken the carbon out of the last section. You can also see the waterfall to the left - the box feeds a tube out of the bottom that goes back into the tank but there is a hole in the side to feed the waterfall. I'll have more pictures later!

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