Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uh, Oh! Crisis with the Paludarium Background

Well...when I put the epoxy resin on the foam...it started eating away! My first clue of immediate crisis was when it ate through the foam cup that I mixed it in - what a messy mess! Fortunately it didn't eat all the way through (except for twice). Stephen thinks all the extra nooks and crannies will give it a more natural look but I'm waiting to see how it finishes up to make a final decision.

We are sifting the creek sand that we gathered to get the larger pebbles out. Then we are baking it until it is completely dry. Once I get the epoxy on then we are sprinkling it with the sand mixture - we have about 10 minutes until the mixture hardens. I'm really hoping that the second coat of epoxy won't eat through the first coat.

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