Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honey at 6 Weeks!

We are pretty sure that our little gal is going to have some pups! She has three weeks to go!

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Leigh Ann Thomas said...

Hey there Honey:
I'm Bo Jangles mommy and I was just checking in on you and your pregnacy. I'm sorry that you haven't heard from Bo sooner than this but, i've had a talk with him and we have discussed that importance of a father to his children. To be honest I think that he has been a bit "scared" and "overwhelmed" at the expecting children. He wanted me to let you know that you are more beautiful than ever and he can't wait to see the babies. Well feel free to contact us went the babies are getting closer. I've got experience in the delivery process and I have a best friend on speed dail that's a vet. Let me and bo know if we can do anything. Call if you need us. 251-229-0594