Friday, September 18, 2009

Montgomery, Alabama Fieldtrip!

The Alabama State Capitol
The Confederate States of America was born here.
The Montgomery Voting Rights March
led by Martin Luther King, Jr. ended here.
It is a National Historic Landmark.
Beneath the statue of Jefferson Davis,
President of the Confederate States of America.
Standing in the spot where
Jefferson Davis took his oath of office.
The marker where the oath was taken.
The Capitol Building is Greek Revival in style.
I just had to get a shot of the guys gathered around a column.
Through the gorgeous front doors.
Three heads peering over the spiral staircase
(there were two of these).
Credit is given to a freed slave, Horace King,
for the design of this staircase.
Apparently architects from all over the world visit
to study the design because there is no visible support.
Each rail was hand crafted. It is gorgeous.
The inside of the dome.
A mural depicting the surrender of William Weatherford.
You can read more about him by clicking here.
A memorial wall of Alabama's Fallen Heroes.
There are 99 photos with 5 more to be added.
So many steps!
The First White House of the Confederacy.
It is not in its original location.
Alabama Department of Archives and History
The boys were really sad that their dad couldn't enjoy this trip!
This map of Alabama in front of the Archives building
was fun - we especially liked that Mitchell Lake actually had
some water in it since there had been a small shower earlier.
The storm clouds gather as we are ending our trip.
Last stop - Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church.
Martin Luther King, Jr. directed the
Montgomery Bus Boycott
from his office in this church.
We couldn't see everything in one day so we will be planning
or either taking some unplanned trips soon!

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